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Use 3 beacons of the same name and rank to trade a beacon from a merchant for 1 higher rank. Using 2 beacons of the same name and rank, you may only get a box with a random beacon of the same rank.

Like many Action RPGs, in Torchlight: Infinite players must collect loot and earn Torchlight:Infinite Currency to make their characters stronger. In this beginner’s guide, you can learn basic information about the types of currencies as well as the trophies you get during the game.

Currencies in Torchlite: Infinite

Spoils: The items that monsters drop when they are defeated and their spoils. At this time, most spoils are made up of equipment, supplies, Fate Cards, and beacons.

Primocryst: A very uncommon form of money in Leptis Along with the Merits system, Season Guide, and Reading Help, it is primarily acquired through in-app purchases.

Spoils: Commodities

In addition to gear, spoils also consist of Embers, Crafting Materials, Fossils, Water of Forgetting, Netherrealm Resonance, and Energy Cores. Commodities are necessary in all phases, so don't miss any of them!


There are over ten types of Ember in the game. Embers are necessary materials for crafting, and their types decide the affixes' directions in crafting, helping to improve stats for certain aspects.

Crafting Materials

There are currently 3 types of Crafting Material: Flame Dust, Flame Sand, and Flame Elementium. Flame Dust is used to crafting gear with 0 to 1 affix. Flame Sand is used to crafting gear with 2 to 4 affixes. Flame Elementium is a very rare Orange material that is used to craft gear with 5 to 6 affixes.


There are currently 2 types of fossils:

Sharp Fossil – increases the probability of adding a new affix during crafting.

Spiral Fossil – increases the probability of creating higher level affixes during crafting.

Both types of fossils are very rare and have an orange quality. Use them wisely.

Resonance of the underworld

Basic affix for upgrading stages of the underworld. Widely used in the endgame.

Energy Cores

Used to regenerate energy for equipment. Widely used in midgame and endgame.

Trophies: Cards of Fate

Destiny cards are very important trophies. Collect various types of Destiny cards to trade with your merchant for ember, crafting materials, common equipment, and legendary equipment.

Trophies: Lighthouses

Beacons are important trophies that serve as tickets to opening trials of the underworld. Beacons are dropped in battles and have different ranks. The higher the rank of the beacon, the more difficult the underworld it can open.

Use 3 beacons of the same name and rank to trade a beacon from a merchant for 1 higher rank. Using 2 beacons of the same name and rank, you may only get a box with a random beacon of the same rank.

Auction house

Torchlight infinite has an auction house where you can sell any free stuff to obtain different currencies, such as Flame Elementium. You can access the auction house in Torchlight infinite after your character reaches level sixty. After that, it’s all about luck and maintaining a watch on the market. If you are an investor, verify costs to ensure a healthy profit margin before acquiring products from an auction house, and you will be a billionaire in no time.

If you have any excess rare gear in your inventory, sell it in the auction house because they sell for a lot of money. Embers are quite easy to find on your adventure, and there is no need to store them in your bag for very long. Restless embers and ominous embers are two common embers that should be sold first, while others should be sold at your choice. Embers are essential for crafting gear, so don’t sell them if you intend to buy new gear.

Sell your items

To have a good amount of flame Elementium with you all the time, check the auction house in torchlight infinite from time to time. You need to hit level sixty before you can access the auction house in the game. Before purchasing any item, you should check for its price on the auction using the built-in system; this way, you can make a profit on them as well. Look for legendary items with the high-level requirement as they go up at the auction house at a good price. Rare gears are also profitable at the auction house, especially if they have rare affixes or high-tier affixes. During your adventure, you will find embers, and you should sell them at the auction house as there is no need to hold them. Start selling with ominous and restless embers. Only those who want to go meta-crafting should hold these embers; otherwise, they are worthless.

Purchase Some Online

Torchlight equipment with five to six affixes can be created using infinite Flame Elementium. To increase the quality of the equipment, players must have a lot of Flame Elementium. You may buy risk-free Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium on the exchange site, which offers Cheap Torchlight:Infinite Currency security and dependability.